Long Overdue Update

Sunday, Mar 05, 2017

Hello -- Thanks for coming here, and our apologies for taking so long to provide any kind of updates.  The only excuse -- but one we're certainly grateful for  -- is that business has been active, ongoing, but of necessity time-consuming.  The Oscar season, and the Awards season in general, has been kind to us as ever -- and its an encouraging sociological fact that studios, agents, managers and the talent themselves are giving as gifts collectible and meaningful literature rather than cases of Crystal or Dom Perignon champagne.  

We bring new highly collectible offerings into the shop from our storage facility on a regular basis, and please remember that EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the shop -- EVERY ONE -- is a true First Edition, First Printing.  We've just brought in some more terrific signed Hemingway…… signed Hunter Thompson…. signed Nabokov -- even signed Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl -- and the true First Edition of Eva Peron's autobiography SIGNED BY EVITA HERSELF, EVA PERON.

Plus -- as we invariably do during and after the Awards season -- we have original shooting scripts signed by the Oscar-winning talent.  LA LA LAND is here, signed by writer/director Damien Chazelle, composer Justin Hurwitz, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling & J.K. Simmons; we've got FENCES signed by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis; also MISS SLOANE signed by Jessica Chastain….. and many many others.

Please do come and visit.  It's a constant  joy for us to share the pleasures on the shelves and in the showcases here and, as we always offer, private appointments at any times that are convenient for you.

We look forward to your visits and thank you for your constant support of Mystery Pier Books.