Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017

Once again apologizing for lack of entries on the site, it hasn't stopped us from replenishing our stock and bringing in all nature of extremely collectible First Editions to line the shelves.  Louis has been away, enjoying winter in Australia & New Zealand, so Harvey's been manning the shop alone and, as ever, loving every moment of being in this literary treasure house.

Just brought in a number of highly collectible Churchill First Editions:  The now scarce six-volume The World Crisis (1911-1918).  Often called Churchill's masterpiece (which is really saying something since Churchill authored no less than 58 books), this set is INSCRIBED & SIGNED by the great man himself.

Also now here, more Churchill First Editions including his 1930 My Early Life; The Second World War in six volumes; Painting as a Pastime, A History of the English-Speaking Peoples; Arms and the Covenant; a lovely signed set of The War Speeches; as well as others, both signed and unsigned.

At the other end of the literary spectrum, we've brought into the shop a number of Dr Seuss Firsts, signed and unsigned; Agatha Christie Firsts, also signed as well as unsigned, and a number of Roald Dahl Firsts.

All these -- plus, of course, all the hundreds of other collectible First Editions by scores of the world's most esteemed and highly collectible authors.  So do come in, browse, buy if you can, and if not, just enjoy the literary delights that are here all around you.