The Iconic Mystery Pier Books T-Shirt –  Plus other cool MPB stuff

The iconic Mystery Pier Books T-shirts worn by so many celebrities. (No names here, but you’ve probably seen press photos.)  The finest quality material — really soft, smooth and comfortable — they come in either gray or black with white lettering front and back. Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.   What a deal!  

And guess what? — Other MPB merchandise too:  Our really trendy over-the-head shop hoodies (black or green), terrific shop baseball caps (black, red or khaki) , and the popular shop bags (the black tote as well as the larger oatmeal one with burgundy straps & lettering).  

What a treat to go out walking wearing the MPB t-shirt, the MPB hoodie slung over the shoulder, the MPB cap slanted at a jaunty angle, while proudly swinging the black MPB bag over one shoulder & the oatmeal one over the other.  The paparazzi will go wild.